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Blackstar EM

The Blackstar EM is an MWD tool that combines the latest in electromagnetic frequency based technology with a durable and efficient design, providing an effective solution for EM applications. Directional survey and steering only or optional gamma logging configurations with annular pressure capabilities are available.Programmable low frequency transmission and high-power output can significantly reduce noise sources for a clean signal. No mechanical parts reduce transmission problems in the presence of LCM. Downhole tool is fully retrievable and reinsertable for added confidence in lost in hole conditions. Continuous transmission and automatic resynchronization of survey and steering sequences eliminates the need to cycle pump for survey acquisition or toolface mode.

  • Directional, vertical, horizontal and re-entry wells
  • Logging While Drilling (LWD), gamma, annular pressure, vibration
  • Aerated and contaminated drilling fluids
  • Underbalanced drilling (gas, air, foam)
  • Lost circulation zones
  • High rate of penetration (ROP) applications
  • Coal bed methane (CBM)
  • High operating temperature (175C) and pressure (20,000psi)
  • Wireline retrievable and reinsertable design (minimum 2.25in I.D.)
  • Available real-time gamma and annular pressure for LWD
  • Downlink capability for frequency and power settings
  • High-speed data transmission
  • Data transmission independent of pump pressure
  • Reduced lost circulation material (LCM) restrictions
  • Programmable frequency settings for noise elimination
  • Reduced mechanical parts for improved reliability and ruggedness
  • Continuous survey and steering frames automatic resynchronization
Data Transmission Type Low Frequency Electromagnetic Wave
Collar Sizes 120mm-203mm (4.75in-8.00in) Additional sizes available
Operating Flow Rate 0.37-4.54m3/min (75-1200gpm)
Wireline Retrievability Retrievable and Reinsertable
Minimum ID for Retrievability 57mm (2.25in)
Flow Switch Vibration/Time
Nominal Length 9.75m (32ft), 11.88m (39ft) w/gamma
Housing O.D. 47.625mm (1.875in)
Power Supply Lithium 14VDC (28VDC gamma battery)
Shock Limit 1000g, 0.05msec, ½ sine
Vibration Limit 80-800Hz @ 15g peak
Operating Temperature (max) 150°C (302°F)
Hydrostatic Pressure (max) 137,895kPa (20,000psi)
Pressure Drop (6.50in w/Water) 286kPa@2.65m3/min (39psi@700gpm)
Velocity Rate (max) 12m/sec (40ft/sec)
Bend Radius (max) 20deg/10m
LCM Tolerance (max) Any concentration, any size, premixed
Operating Pulse Width 2-12Hz @ 1-6bits/sec
Data Update Rate 6-8sec
Survey Transmission Rate <60sec (sequence, frequency and baud rate dependent)
Toolface Accuracy 0-360° +/- 1.50°
Inclination Accuracy 0-180° +/- 0.20°
Azimuth Accuracy 0-360° +/- 1.00°
Survey Procedure Survey sequence continuous with pumps OFF
Operational Modes Operator-selectable survey and steering sequences, frequency and baud rate,
transmitter power settings
Downlink Capability Pumps ON/OFF sequences for transmitter power settings, frequency
and baud rate, module sleep mode
BHA Landing Bottom Landing
Tool Configuration (Standard) Spacer – Directional Module – Transmitter – Battery(2) – Battery(1)
Tool Configuration (Gamma) Gamma Module – Batterygamma – Directional Module – Transmitter –
Battery(1) – Battery(2)
Rotary Power Save Mode Not Available
Battery Consumption 80-130hrs (up to 260hrs with dual battery). Consumption factors
include transmitter power settings, borehole and formation conditions.