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Company Profile

Proven Technology. Accessible Expertise. Exceptional Service Delivery.

KAMBI Enterprises Inc. is a company dedicated to providing reliable measurement while drilling services. Since 1999, we have specialized in well bore navigation technology as well as data logging - using mud pulse and electromagnetic (EM) based technologies across Canada. In 2006, with operations now located in Calgary, Alberta.

KAMBI's combination of proven technology, operational expertise and product development enables us to continually provide professional and efficient solutions for today's oil and gas customer. Our reliability is rooted in our experience - with completion of over 1600 drilling projects in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.  Our extensive fleet of equipment ensures a comprehensive solution for any drilling project, from fast updating gamma logging EM tools for Saskatchewan Viking Targets to robust slim-hole energy efficient mud pulse systems for re-entry wells in Swan Hills, KAMBI has the expertise to meet any challenging MWD operation.

KAMBI has honed it's drilling expertise in the areas of horizontal, multi-lateral, slim-hole re-entry build and hold, s-type and controlled vertical wells. Since 2006, have been applying EM technology and have various systems that can be tailored to your project. Our mud pulse systems consist of GE Tensor directional modules combined with latest generation surface decoders including wireless setup. We will supply equipment for your BHA sizes 3.5” to 9.0” collar sizes for a variety of connection types, including UBHO’s, gap subs, slick and flex non-mag collars.

KAMBI pairs innovative, robust technology with exceptional service delivery. Our experienced management team and dedicated technicians offer accessible expertise and and we invite you to explore our fleet of equipment and earn more about how our technology can support any driling project.

Full Service Directional Drilling Provider.

KAMBI Enterprises Inc. is a full service Directional Drilling company with complete well planning, directional personal, MWD personal, MWD equipment and Directional equipment to meet our client’s needs.

We provide MWD tools designed to drill directional and horizontal wells. It provides Inclination, Azimuth, Tool Face, gamma and many more variable as required for the directional drilling service on site. The system has a full sensor package, high accuracy tool for horizontal and deviated well profiles.  

Positive Pulse MWD uses mud column pulses to transmit telemetry data to surface. 

High Voltage XEM provides the latest in EM technology and capabilities that allow for greater EM TVD drilling and further horizontal leg capabilities than previous version of EM.

APS EM with Near Bit technology provides increased geosteering capabilities for tighter formation criteria.

BlackStar EM is a continuous wave frequency telemetry that provides surveys on pumps down, annular pressure logging with a high LCM tolerance.

VPEM is a Voltage based pulse output telemetry that integrates with the Tensor platform. This modular system will provide EM and Pulse capability from a single MWD kit. 

GRT provides a geosteering resistivity system to remain in the pay zone and accurately steer the BHA inside the formation.