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KAMBI Enterprises Inc. has been in the Canadian directional industry since 1999, with operations in the US since 2006. KAMBI supports ongoing equipment rentals and sales across both Canada and the US. Our operations are located in Calgary Alberta, Casper Wyoming and Fort Worth Texas.


DIRECT is a drop in replacement servo pulser module that is fully compatible with the QDT-Tensor MWD system. It incorporates cutting edge technologies to achieve significant improvements in performance.

DIRECT features a rotary shear valve that provides exceptional performance in high solids and high LCM environments while simultaneously minimizing the pressure loss through the servo module, thus allowing greater forces to be imparted to the main valve assembly. The wiping action of the rotary shear valve clears away any compacted debris and ensures unobstructed flow through the system.

DIRECT eliminates the need for a pressure compensated section in the servo pulser module with the use of a proprietary high pressure low friction sealing system. This dramatically reduces maintenance and service cycle times and greatly increases system reliability.

These improvements are coupled to a compact, modular and rugged pulser driver with built in event logging and performance tracking capabilities.

DIRECT has incredibly low power consumption and greatly increases the battery life of the QDT-Tensor MWD system. Nominal power consumption of the DIRECT servo pulser system is approximately one fifth of the original QDT-Tensor servo pulser, and one half that of currently available products.

  • The Direct Pulser has drastically reduced service times.  With no oil fill it takes a fraction of the time to service and be returned to the field.
  • The Direct Pulser is suited to high LCM content wells and is capable of going as deep as 2500m TVD.
  • High Wear Rotary Shear Servo Valve
  • Uncompensated design with no oil filling or evacuation
  • Exceptional performance in LCM and High Solids
  • Ultra efficient, ~3 Joules per pulse (~120mAmp*sec per pulse)
  • 50-300% Increase in Battery Life vs. currently available products
  • Extensive Memory Logging with Event Level Resolution
  • Integrated configurable Flow Switch
  • Greatly reduces maintenance times
  • Compact, approximately 33 inches long
  • Fully QDT-Tensor Compatible
  • 175°C, 15,000 psi rated
Nominal Length 84.4cms (33in)
Housing O.D. 47.625mm (1.875in)
Power Supply 20-30VDC
Power Consumption 4mA Standby, 120mAmp*sec/Pulse@25V
Shock Limit 1000g, 0.5msec, ½ sine all axes
Vibration Limit 5-30Hz@1in double amplitude, 30-500Hz 20g all axes
Operating Temperature 0° to 175°C (32° to 347°F)
Survival Temperature -40° to 185°C (-40° to 365°F)
Hydrostatic Pressure (max) 103,421kPa (15,000psi)
Operating Pulse Width 0.600-2.00sec (controlled by QDT Compatible SEA)
Flow Switch Axial and Lateral, axes used, threshold and delays configurable
Total Memory 8MB, ~500 hours circulating data
Data Stored in Memory  
Lifetime Power On Time Power Cycles
Lifetime Circulating Time Power Cycle Length
Job Power On Time Pulse Event
Job Energy Consumption Pulse Opening Time/Closing Time
Temperature Pulse Width
Lifetime Highest Temperature Pulse Errors
Average Flow Switch Values Manufacturing and Tracking Variables
Flow State (ON/OFF) Flow Switch and Pulser Configuration Variables