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KAMBI Enterprises Inc. has been in the Canadian directional industry since 1999, with operations in the US since 2006. KAMBI supports ongoing equipment rentals and sales across both Canada and the US. Our operations are located in Calgary Alberta, Casper Wyoming and Fort Worth Texas.

Extreme EM MWD - XEM

XEM™ IS THE IDEAL MWD TOOL for all directional applications by giving precision inclination/azimuth, full MWD, gamma-ray logging, and bore/annular pressure while drilling (PWD), during every connection — allowing for performance drilling in over-balanced, under-balanced, and high LCM environments.

  • Precision inclination/azimuth
  • Full MWD
  • Gamma-ray logging
  • Bore/Annular pressure
  • Extreme Engineering™’s Survey on Connection™ allows for zero NPT as XEM™ works independently of the drilling process.
  • Ideal for all over-balanced and under-balanced applications, creating optimal performance in air drilling environments. Choose the data you need, from MWD quality toolfacing for steering and gamma for formation correlation, on demand.
  • Our 24/7 Command Center watches all the activity of your rig in real-time and proactively troubleshoots while you drill.
  • Reduced drilling time and personnel on-site means a considerable cost savings to the client.
  • Added safety by eliminating lithium battery use, and costly personnel on the wellsite.
Description Ø4.75” Ø6.50” Ø8.00”
Gap Sub ID 2.688± 0.005” 2.813± 0.005” 3.500± 0.002”
Gap Sub OD 4.750± 0.025” 6.500± 0.025” 8.000± 0.025”
OD With Hard Banding4.825± 0.025”6.575± 0.025”No Hard Banding
Available End Connections NC 38 (3-1/2 IF) NC 46 (4-1/2 XH) 6-5/8 Regular
Connection Makeup Torque 9,400 ft.lbs 23,000 ft.lbs 39,000 ft.lbs
Rotation**   Up to 200 RPM, 20-80 RPM Typical  
Shock   1000g, 1/2 msec, 1/2 Sine Shock  
Vibration   30 g, 30 – 500 Hz  
Max. Operating Pressure   15,000 psi  
Max. Operating Temperature   150°C (300°F)  
Min. Storage/Transportation Temperature   -40°C (-40°F)  
Max. Sand Content by Volume   2%  
Max. LCM Content   No Limits  
Max Axial Load 100,000 lbs Compression
500,000 lbs Tension
200,000 lbs Compression
1,000,000 lbs Tension
300,000 lbs Compression
1,200,000 lbs Tension
Torsional Strength of Gap at 150°C 10,000 ft.lbs 20,000 ft.lbs 55,000 ft.lbs
Gap Sub Overall Length   44.2”  
Gap Sub Re-cut Length   6.50 Pin End & 4.75" Box End 3.50" Pin End & 4.75" Box End
Max. Dog Leg Severity Rotating 15°/30m Slick Collars
25°/30m Flex Collars
10°/30m Slick Collars
15°/30m Flex Collars
8°/30m Slick Collars
13°/30m Flex Collars
Flex Collar Requirments***Ø4.00” Flex Section
Min. 2/3 Total Length (20' of 31') Collars Above and Below Gap Sub
Ø5.625” Flex Section
Min. 2/3 Total Length (20' of 31') Collars Above and Below Gap Sub 
Ø6.00” Flex Section
Min. 2/3 Total Length (12.4' of 31') Collars Above and Below Gap Sub 
Recommended Max. Flow Rate 1.2 m3/min (317 GPM) 2.0 m3/min (528 GPM) 4.0 m3/min (1056 GPM)(1)
3.4 m3/min (900 GPM)(2)
Required Collar Bore(s) 2-11/16” ID Collar 2-13/16” ID Collar 3-1/2” ID Collar(1)
3-1/4” ID Collar(2)
Drilling Fluid   Water Based Mud/Oil Based Mud/Air  
Electrical Resistance > 1 kΩ typ. 
Tool Length (Probe Dependent)   Min. 235” & Max. 365”  
Max. Tool Weight (w/o collar) 270 lb 430 lb 610 lb

***Contact Extreme EngineeringTM for maximum Dogleg severity if a different size Flex Collar is to be used
**Must be checked versus mating BHA connections
(1) Collar ID 3-1/2” (2) Collar ID 3-1/4” (3) Collar ID can be no more than 1/16” greater than the specifi ed collar ID (4) Max temperature range for alkaline batteries is 50° C.
Use of Dynamx™ is suggested in air drilling applications.