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KAMBI Enterprises Inc. has been in the Canadian directional industry since 1999, with operations in the US since 2006. KAMBI supports ongoing equipment rentals and sales across both Canada and the US. Our operations are located in Calgary Alberta, Casper Wyoming and Fort Worth Texas.

Inclination and Gamma

The Model AP600 Near Bit Sub is designed to be used with the Applied Physics Model AP250 Electric Dipole System. The Near Bit Sub enables measurement of inclination and gamma count data approximately two feet behind the bit. Data is wirelessly transmitted around the downhole motor to the Electric Dipole System. Received data is decoded by the Electric Dipole electronics, where it is logged and periodically transmitted to the surface.

Inclination is sent continuously to the MWD system even while the drillstring is rotating, and tracks very closely with the inclination measurement in the MWD system located above.

The Azimuthal gamma sensor in the Near Bit Sub collects gamma counts while rotating and places this data into 1 of 8 bins. System software then tabulates the counts that correspond to top and bottom bins, and sends “up/down” or “high/low” information to the MWD System so that drilling decisions can be made in real time.

The 3.5 API Regular sub has four packets, one each for inclinometer, gamma, transmission electronics, and battery. The 4.5 API Regular sub has fi ve packets, with the same contents as the 3.5 API Regular sub, but with an extra battery. Battery life is typically between 8 - 120 hours per single battery stack.

  • Geo steering in tight formations and long laterals
  • Collision avoidance situations
  • Available in two sizes:
    - 3.5 API Regular (for use with 4.75” to 5” Mud Motors)
    - 4.5 API Regular (for use with 6.5” to 6.75” Mud Motors)
  • Provides accurate inclination and rotation speeds at the bit, up to 250 RPM
  • Azimuthal gamma ray provides clear “up” and “down” readings
  • Seamless, wireless link to MWD system
  • Operates exclusively with Applied Physics MWD systems
Carrier Frequency 935 Hz
Modulation Types GMSK/FSK
Baud Rate 20 Baud
Voltage +12 V to +24 V
Current 120 mA at 22 V input (2.64 W)
Range 60 feet or more
(two versions)
5.125” Dia. x 36” Length (131 mm x 915 mm), 150 lbs 7.25” Dia. x 36” Length (184.15 mm x 915 mm)
(two versions)
5.125” : 3.5 API Regular
7.25” : 4.5 API Regular