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MWD tool is designed to drill directional and horizontal wells.  It provides Inclination, Azimuth, and Tool Face on site. It is a full sensor package, high accuracy tool for horizontal and deviated well profiles.  

Positive Pulse MWD uses mud column pulses to transmit telemetry data to surface. 

BlackStar EM is a continuous wave frequency telemetry that provides surveys on pumps down, annular pressure logging with a high LCM tolerance.

VPEM is a Voltage based pulse output telemetry that integrates with the Tensor platform.   This modular system will provide EM and Pulse capability from a single MWD kit.


Logging While Drilling tools give realtime downhole data and help to provide formation evaluation during the drilling process.


Gamma Ray measurement is an industry standard geosteering technique that can be included in any Positive Pulse or EM kit.  

Focused Gamma

Focused Gamma Ray Modules have a 90 degree sensor window enabling a directional component to the gamma measurement.  


Affordable geosteering laterolog resistivity tool, providing horizontal bed detection capability through use of directionally focused electrodes.   

Annular Pressure

Annular pressure measurements for underbalanced control.



Vibration module available to provide realtime downhole vibration.