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KAMBI Enterprises Inc. has been in the Canadian directional industry since 1999, with operations in the US since 2006. KAMBI supports ongoing equipment rentals and sales across both Canada and the US. Our operations are located in Calgary Alberta, Casper Wyoming and Fort Worth Texas.

Mud Pulse

The positive pulse measurement while drilling system (PP-MWD) principle is based on the temporary restriction of drillstring mud flow to create a series of pressure spikes that form a communicative pulse waveform that is decoded using surface equipment. Downhole configurations are fully modular adding the flexibility of adjustments specific to BHA. Reliable surface decoding is further enhanced with the added option of wireless systems for long-range communication between rig and command center. Quality sensor measurement is made possible through industry standard magnetometer and accelerometer packages, including API standardized gamma ray modules. Downhole tool is fully retrievable and reinsertable for added confidence in lost in hole situations. PP-MWD applications are available with the optional rotary flow switch (RFS) that can significantly improve run durations and reduce unnecessary pulser operation by switching tool into standby mode under rotation.
  • Directional, vertical, horizontal and re-entry wells
  • Logging While Drilling (LWD), gamma, annular pressure, vibration
  • Deep Wells
  • Long Horizontals
  • High operating temperature (175°C) and pressure (20,000psi)
  • Wireline retrievable and reinsertable design (minimum 2.25in I.D.)
  • Available real-time gamma measurements for LWD (focus gamma available) Downlink capability for selectable operating modes Proven software and firmware for efficient decoding
  • Adaptable tool configurations and programming flexibility
  • Long battery life with Rotary Flow Switch (RFS) option Reliable, proven rugged design Mud telemetry not affected by formation or drilling fluid resistivity
Data Transmission TypePositive Mud Pulse
Collar Sizes 89mm-203mm (3.50in-8.00in) Additional sizes available
Operating Flow Rate 0.28-4.54m3/min (75-1200gpm)
Wireline Retrievability Retrievable and Reinsertable
Minimum ID for Retrievability 57mm (2.25in)
Flow Switch Vibration
Nominal Length 9.75m (32ft), 11.88m (39ft) w/gamma
Housing O.D. 47.625mm (1.875in)
Power Supply Lithium 28VDC/3amp (21VDC/5amp available)
Shock Limit 1000g, 0.5msec, . sine all axes
Vibration Limit 5-30Hz@1in double amplitude, 30-500Hz 20g all axes
Operating Temperature (max)150°C (302°F), 175°C (347°F) available
Hydrostatic Pressure (max) 137,895kPa (20,000psi)
Pressure Drop @ 250 GPM (Water) 70 psi
Pressure Drop @ 500 GPM (Water) 100 psi
Pressure Drop @ 1000 GPM (Water) 200 psi
Velocity Rate (max) 10m/sec (32ft/sec)
Bend Radius (max) 15./100ft-4 3/4" Slick Collar, 25./100ft-4 3/4" Flex Collar
12./100ft-6 1/2" Slick Collar, 16./100ft-6 1/2" Flex Collar
10./100ft-8" Slick Collar, 13./100ft-8" Flex Collar
LCM Tolerance (max) 40ppb concentration, any size, premixed
Pulse Width / Data Rate (Bit/Sec) 0.500-2.00sec / 0.5 - 2.00 BPS
Data Rate (Sec)/Data Transmission Time (BD) 10-28sec / 0.5 BPS
Survey Transmission Rate
Survey in Slide Mode / Rotary Mode 
<120sec (resolution and pulse width dependent)
Toolface Accuracy0-360° +/- 0.50°
Inclination Accuracy0-180° +/- 0.10°
Azimuth Accuracy0-360°+/- 0.25°
Gamma Detector Type Real Time API Gamma Ray - Scintillation detector
Survey Mode During Sliding Mode - yes/During Rotating Mode - No
Survey Procedure Rotary OFF > Pumps OFF > Hold 60sec > Pumps ON > Survey Sequence Received > Steering Sequence Received
Operational Modes Operator-selectable survey and steering sequences, resolution and pulse width settings
Downlink Capability Pumps ON/OFF sequences for mode-selection, steering and survey sequences, and pulse width settings
BHA Configuration UBHO – NMDC – NMDC
Average Lenght Directional only 24ft
Average Lenght Directional with Gamma 30ft
BHA Landing Bottom Landing
Tool Configuration (Standard) Pulser – Batt(1) – Directional Module – Batt(2) Sensor@2.4 Mts
Tool Configuration (Gamma) Pulser – GRay – Directional Module – Batt(2) – Batt(1) Sensor@3.2 Mts
Data Memory RecordedYes
Battery Consumption220-320hrs (medium-rate dual battery)