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KAMBI Enterprises Inc. has been in the Canadian directional industry since 1999, with operations in the US since 2006. KAMBI supports ongoing equipment rentals and sales across both Canada and the US. Our operations are located in Calgary Alberta, Casper Wyoming and Fort Worth Texas.

Well Planning

Kambi offers well planing using the COMPASS Landmark program.  We provide a structured wellplan using the clients desired targets and build rates.  Each well plan includes an end of well report.  We can deliver daily updates if necessary.

WPC (Well Planning Center)

Our WPC plans all wells from the ground up.  In planning a well, such factors are considered:

  • Restrictions on land access and any hard boundaries within the area
  • Utilizing appropriate build rates for the desired hole size and formation.
  • Torque and drag models are calculated for complex wells to identify any concerns that may hinder the completion of the well.
  • Hydraulics are calculated on unfamiliar and new projects to ensure the rig and drill pipe will be adequate for the job at hand, and to ensure hole cleaning will be adequate.
  • Anti-collision analysis is run to avoid the risk of any collision issues. KAMBI Enterprises has company policies and procedures in place to ensure collision risks are managed appropriately. 
  • Formation trends such as reef points, TVD variations and formation dips are all considered as part of the planning process.

Daily well reporting includes: planned vs actual drawings, up to date torque and drag analysis and hydraulics if requested.   

Please contact us for more information.