Directional Drilling Services

KAMBI offers full directional and horizontal services.  Our extensive directional and horizontal drilling experience in a variety of drilling environments enable us to provide customized drilling solutions for a continually evolving industry.

We work closely with customers to understand their unique requirements and produce customized directional drilling programs to meet their requirements. Our technology has been used in extreme drilling conditions on four continents and has exceeded expectations in high temperature and high shock and vibration environments.

Our in-house service, maintenance, and quality control departments enhance our reliability and are integral to our drive towards improving ways to drill faster, safer, and more efficiently by utilizing our innovative technologies. As part of our Directional Drilling Services, we offer the following features:

  • Proven motors and newest MWD system
  • Engineering, design, and well planning
  • Anti-collision and torque and drag
  • Exact wellbore placement

Engineering, Design & Well Planning

KAMBI provides engineering and well planning services as well as managing and maintaining wellbore integrity which is critical to operational efficiency.

Using many years of experience, combined with proven software, KAMBI is able to efficiently:

  • Pad design, multilateral planning, and re-entry.
  • Offset well research for drawing boundaries  
  • BHA design optimization, modelling, and performance prediction, 
  • Ellipse of uncertainty designation
  • Develop detailed well plans, 
  • Perform anti-collision analysis: separation factor, center-to-center, and travelling cylinder
  • Analyze daily plan vs. actual comparison and archive directional surveys, 
  • Determine drilling system pressure losses and establish coefficients of friction, 
  • Accurately model and predict torque/drag,
High-Performance Drilling Motors

High-Performance Drilling Motors

KAMBI provides leading edge high performance drilling motors  that have been configured to cater for the harsher drilling environments we are now seeing as part of our everyday drilling activities. With a variety of industry standards, we provide motors from conventional to some of the highest flow and torque values in the industry to improve drilling parameters and increases ROP. They are manufactured and serviced by industry leading manufacturers. 

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