Ivan Katic 


Ivan Katic is the President of KAMBI Enterprises Inc. and developed his extensive knowledge of the Oil and Gas industry in countries across the globe. A graduate of Electrical Engineering, Ivan spent his first 5 years in Electrical Design and Sales before building hands-on experience in roles such as SCR Rig Technician in the Middle East and Steering Tool Engineer in 1993. Ivan worked as a Field Engineer with Schlumberger for 5 years in North and South America and later shared his expertise as Manager with Nevis Drilling Systems in Calgary.

Ivan founded KAMBI Enterprises in 1999 and has expanded its operations across Canada and the United States. With over 20 years of expertise in electrical engineering and extensive field experience with MWD technology, Ivan has been able to provide reliable drilling solutions in many challenging drilling environments.

Goran Kovrlija 

Operations Manager - Canada

Goran is an Industrial Electronic Technician with experience in board level installation, PCB design, and programming.  He has worked in many eastern European countries as an MWD specialist.  As an MWD field engineer in Canada he has been invaluable at identifying and resolving problems.  Goran continues to prove himself and has risen to the challenge of becoming KAMBI’s youngest Operations Manager.

Kansas Swope

Operations Manager - USA

Kansas has been involved in the drilling industry for over ten years. He earned an engineering degree in Industrial Electronics. After graduation he gained over 10 years of experience in the Medical Industry as a Field Service Engineer.

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