KAMBI provides downhole measurement and logging, as well as directional drilling and planning services to geothermal development projects.

Directional drilling of geothermal wells has recently become more in use as part of global clean energy trend. Many technologies perfected in the oil and gas industry have direct application in geothermal developments. The downhole measurements technology available today from KAMBI provides an array of highly sophisticated equipment, transferable experience, and techniques. This opens up opportunities in renewable power projects. KAMBI operates internationally and has a fleet of modern MWD/LWD and drilling equipment that can be transferred from one part of the world to another.

Over the years, KAMBI has drilled exploration, production, and injection wells in all types of environments. KAMBI covers the entire range of drilling applications, from simple, low temperature gradient holes to the most complicated, deep multi-legged wells with high temperature and high-pressure wells. KAMBI uses technology specifically designed to meet the needs of difficult high temperature drilling operations. We provide the industry’s most reliable and most accurate measurement service with high temperature capability. Our MWD systems are rated to a maximum operating temperature of 185 °C (392 °F). KAMBI is your competent partner for providing the latest downhole drilling and measurement technologies in deep geothermal projects.

We support our clients in all the phases of their geothermal drilling projects. As an independent company, free to choose the best technology for each individual application, we deliver customised solutions to suit our clients needs.

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