Electromagnetic MWD - XEM                                                                                             

XEM MWD has revolutionized electromagnetic technology and is the most powerful EM tool on the market. The technology is specifically designed to overcome the TVD limitations inherent with EM technology due to changing formations and variations in downhole resistance. This EM system is engineered for performance drilling in deep horizontal applications including overbalanced, underbalanced, and high LCM environments.

Our XEM is the ideal MWD tool for all directional drilling applications by giving precision Inclination and Azimuth, Gamma Logging, Pressure While Drilling (PWD) and Vibration While Drilling (VWD-Real-time shock and vibrations). 

The XEM High Voltage (HV) tool self-regulates the output voltage and current for optimum performance.

Auto-adjusting, High Voltage Transmitters automatically select the necessary power usage for the formation resistance.  This results in the ability to drill deeper than previous EM tools as well as increases efficiency by decreasing time spent troubleshooting, down linking, and obtaining directional surveys. The new receiver is a major improvement featuring multiple channels and reference points for improved decoding without the need to amplify signals as well as noise cancelation. 

Mud Pulse MWD Telemetry

Mud Pulse MWD Telemetry

The positive pulse measurement while drilling (PP-MWD) systems are the latest advancement in the downhole measurements industry for reliability, efficiency, and drilling optimization.  Our new design reduces survey time and increases reliability for deeper applications where high or low formation resistance is encountered during the drilling operation. Downhole configurations are fully modular adding the flexibility of adjustments specific to BHA.

Our system has minimal moving parts, which allows for extended downhole life and simple maintenance. Reliable surface decoding is further enhanced with the added option of wireless systems for long-range communication between rig and command center. KAMBI’s PP-MWD tool is fully wireline retrievable and re-insertable which reduces potential downtime and lost in hole situations.      

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Slick HD

Slick HD (Heavy Duty) is a drop-in replacement servo pulser module that is fully compatible with the QDT-Tensor MWD system. Slick HD features a rotary shear valve that provides exceptional performance in high solids and high LCM environments while simultaneously minimizing the pressure loss through the servo module, thus allowing greater forces to be imparted to the main valve assembly. The wiping action of the rotary shear valve clears away any compacted debris and ensures unobstructed flow through the system.

The combination of the rotary shear valve, magnetic coupling drive mechanism, and robust control electronics enables Slick to have exceptional performance in the deep, hot, and hostile environments encountered in today’s challenging drilling programs.

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Monitoring Tools

KAMBI’s Surefire/Wildfire is a survey-on-connection tool and is the most innovative and cost- effective unmanned vertical /directional wellbore surveying solutions to the oil and gas industry. Its Surefire, Wildfire and Wildfire Pro tools provide real-time inclination, azimuth and toolface capabilities without the need for expensive steerable MWD systems. KAMBI’s man-less monitoring and steering tool is pre-programmed and can be run by driller.  Maximum operating time is 1000 hrs and this tool is very robust for high shock and vibration.

Other Technology

KAMBI Enterprises Inc. has strategic alliances with key technology suppliers. We are capable to provide the leading-edge technology of Rotary Steerable Systems, Near Bit Measurements, LWD services, and other associated drilling technologies.

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