KAMBI Enterprises is among the world’s strongest measurements while drilling service supplier.

With over two decades in the business, we have built a reputation and leadership position in performance and operational best practices. We provide drilling industry MWD/LWD solutions locally and internationally. Our services include rentals, sales, technical support, and full-service repair & maintenance of all KAMBI’s MWD equipment. We are here to help you grow your business.

Sales and Rental

KAMBI provides you with a number of options for MWD products which are available to purchase, rental, or lease. Our MWD kits are designed for easy assembly, use, and transport at cost-effective prices. 

The products available include:

  • Complete custom build MWD systems
  • Individuals MWD modules
  • Surface equipment
  • Testing tools and equipment
  • MWD parts, components and electronics  

Once KAMBI’s MWD equipment is in client hands, we would provide training, technical support, and post purchase value added services, including support for all repair & maintenance needs.

KAMBI’s variable rental options are available to our customers in the form of daily and monthly options. This allows our customers to secure the equipment they need for their projects with the flexibility to support extensions. 

For more information on MWD tools and components availability, please directly contact a KAMBI representative today.


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