LWD – Logging While Drilling

Logging While Drilling tools acquire high-quality data for accurate geo-steering and formation evaluation during the drilling process, so you can work proactively as you drill.

Gamma Ray Logging

Gamma Ray logging is a method of measuring naturally occurring gamma radiation to characterize the rock or sediment in a borehole.  It is a common and inexpensive measurement for geosteering. A log of the total natural radioactivity is measured in API units.  The Gamma Ray Logging tool is available with any KAMBI MWD system.

Focused Gamma Logging

Focused Gamma Ray Modules have a 90-degree sensor window enabling a directional component to the gamma measurement.  The focused gamma ray tool detects radioactivity in both the upper and lower sections of the borehole in addition to formation correlation capability, the focused gamma ray tool allows detection of approaching bed boundaries in near horizontal wells while drilling, allowing controlled drilling between bed boundaries. 

PWD – Pressure While Drilling

Pressure-While-Drilling (PWD) Sensor, provides crucial downhole pressure information that allows optimized drilling efficiency and monitoring wellbore hydraulics. This cost-effective solution delivers real-time and recorded pressure measurements to help avoid a lost circulation and detect flow or kicks immediately. The PWD Sensor also monitors ineffective cuttings removal and poor hole cleaning. The tool is designed to deliver a wide range of real-time annular, bore, differential pressure, and temperature near-bit measurements

PR2 – Propagation Resistivity 

The PR2 Propagation Resistivity Tool provides industry-standard Phase Difference and Attenuation Resistivity measurements at 2 antenna spacings and 2 frequencies, providing 8 total Resistivity measurements.

The PR2 also provides optional Bore & Annulus Pressure and 3-axis Shock Measurements. The PR2 is designed to add resistivity measurements to existing KAMBI Positive Pulse and Electromagnetic telemetry MWD systems.

Azimuthal Gamma and Continues Inclination Measurements

The azimuthal gamma ray tool provides a wide range measurement from basic correlation to real-time borehole imaging and geosteering. An azimuthally symmetric measurement is one which measures equally in all directions around the tool.  KAMBI ‘s azimuthal gamma offers 16 sections of gamma imaging. It is an excellent tool for geosteering and well placement in the pay zone of a reservoir. Continuous inclination measurement allows instantaneous wellbore trajectory monitoring while drilling to help make corrections and reduce dogleg severity.

Shock & Vibration Real-Time Monitoring

KAMBI offers the DynamX - 3 Axis Shock and RPM Sensor Package for use. The data captured and transmitted by DynamX gives our clients the ability to monitor their downhole drilling conditions and adjust drilling parameters to optimize drilling efficiency in real time.

KAMBI’s 3 Axis shock and vibration detection system “tells” you what happening to your BHA.

Other Technology 

KAMBI Enterprises Inc. has strategic alliances with key technology suppliers. We are capable to provide the leading-edge technology of Rotary Steerable Systems, Near Bit Measurements, LWD services, and other associated drilling technologies. 

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