Measurements While Drilling 

In-house repair, maintenance, development, and quality control departments enhance our reliability along with strict usage and tool life tracking which allows KAMBI to maintain a dependable fleet of MWD tools.

We are continually advancing our services, leading the way as the industry evolves. KAMBI’s strict calibration and testing procedures ensure customers get the very best equipment delivered to their projects.

LWD – Logging While Drilling

Logging While Drilling tools acquire high-quality data for accurate geo-steering and formation evaluation during the drilling process, so you can work proactively as you drill.

Directional Drilling Services

KAMBI Enterprises offers full directional and horizontal services.  Our extensive directional and horizontal drilling experience in a variety of drilling environments enable us to provide customized drilling solutions for a continually evolving industry.


KAMBI Enterprises Inc. provides downhole measurement and logging, as well as directional drilling and planning services to geothermal development projects. Directional drilling of geothermal wells has recently become more prevalent and popular. Many technologies perfected in the oil and gas industry have direct application in geothermal developments. 

The downhole measurements technology available today from KAMBI provides an array of highly sophisticated equipment, transferable experience, and techniques. This opens up opportunities in renewable power projects. 

Maintenance & Repair Service

With located Service Centers in Calgary, AB and Conroe, TX, KAMBI provides maintenance, repair, and replacement parts for all of our equipment and products. We also support many of our competitors’ tools.

Our ability to deliver outstanding maintenance and repair service and commitment to our clients, is direct result from our proven track record of reducing costs, decreasing operating risks, and maximizing operational efficiencies. 

Using KAMBI’s maintenance and repair service has many advantages:

  • KAMBI’s service, repair, maintenance, and support saves you money and guarantees that your tools are being serviced by qualified service technicians.
  • Confidence that your equipment is serviced to the highest quality standards.
  • Complete Quality Control & Quality Assurance - includes a meticulous inspection program comprised of: incoming, in-process, final inspection, and testing. 
  • Criteria and tolerances have been established to maximize reliability of our tools.
  • Preventative Maintenance - Each time our MWD is fully inspected and serviced. Our internal tracking systems also allow us to record detailed histories on each of our tools.
  • Industry-leading MWD quality assurance of testing tools  and calibration.
  • In-house Inspection provides the reassurance and verification that the equipment is ready to be deployed. 
  • Servicing practices and protocols are audited on a regular basis to ensure our tools and practices are consistently maintained to the strictest standards.

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